Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's To Try A Cell Phone Tracker App

The number of cell phone applications is continuously growing. Since all recently manufactured mobile phones have a GPS system incorporated, you have even more opportunities with apps to locate a phone. Glympse is known for the great satisfaction it can provide to its customers, therefore this company’s services are appreciated.

Since cell phone tracker services tend to be really appreciated, Glympse also started providing them. Interested people need to subscribe and then get the software to install on their phone. They won’t personally give you that software, so you will have to take it from the Internet, from their official website. After installation, you need to build your Glympse friend list and adding people who will be able to track you is simply done by sending them a message, either through mail or from your cell phone.

If what you need is being tracked, but only if you feel like it, then Glympse is the answer to your wishes. Yes, this is a service that will first of all let you set everything up. No more stalking friends and obsessed boyfriends or girlfriends. If you want someone to see exactly where you are, you have to send them that message through the email or with your cell phone and they will have a certain period of time to see where you are. That’s right! You don’t just activate it and then everybody can find you wherever you go. You choose your followers and you choose the time you are willing to let them follow you. The time is limited though, so if fifteen minutes aren’t enough, one hour and a half surely is.

Any situation can be easily set straight. That means that if your wife suspects that you’re staying at the bar at night with the boys for an example, you can let her see that you are actually still at work and everything can be resolved.

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